Planes Para Niños en Bogotá

Being visiting a big city, we often ignore the various activities that can be done with little ones. Here we share with you some of the plans for children in Bogota.

Kid’s museum


Since 1986, at the intersection of 63rd Street and run 60, it has worked this museum dedicated to bringing children and young people to science and technology through playful methodologies, experimentation and active discussion. The museum is divided into 5 zones, one of which specializes in children under 6 years of age. Guided tours last approximately 4 hours. The yellow area is dedicated to nature with a visit to the greenhouse, solar energy, natural resources and also has a television studio. In the green area you can visit a giant mouth to learn about dental hygiene, genetics, road safety and automobiles. The blue area of science has a section dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, Physics Mechanics, dinosaurs, the cosmos and visual perception. Meanwhile the red zone account on oil, nutrition, eco environment and optical physics.

There is also a Boeing 720B Avianca HK-749 where for 45 minutes you will have a simulated flight through the most important cities of the country and will tour the cockpit, aviation history, aircraft parts, how and why fly aircraft and much more.

Cici Aquapark


For hot days in the capital, a good plan is to go to the water park with 1200 cubic meters of water acclimated. It also has a wave pool that is activated every 30 minutes, 5 slides high impact, 2 family slides and 1 pool for the kids with 14 children slides.

District Planetarium


On December 22, 1969 was inaugurated the District Planetarium and so far has been dedicated to promote astronomy, space science and dissemination of a scientific culture. Among recent renovations, it is worth noting the creation of the Children’s Room in cooperation with the company HASBRO, internationally recognized brand in the mass market moldable. In this room it is available for children aged 4 to 12 years and you will find there a fun and entertaining place will be available playsets and 10,000 units of PLAY Dob. The programming is on the page, where every weekend there are scheduled over 200 workshops to learn more about astronomy. It is open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm with free workshops for children who visit.

Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Very close to Luis Angel Arango Library, where you can also find activities for children, it is this cultural center that offers comprehensive workshops of creative expression. In the current schedule it is included program “playful Butterflies Gabo”, where attendees children can learn more about the life and work of our recently deceased Nobel Prize in literature.



Located in the Santa Fe shopping center, Divercity is a city for people between 3 and 13 years. There you will find over 46 different attractions where the sole purpose is that the kids have fun. Through various activities different values such as respect, tolerance and others are learned so that children begin to form as responsible citizens and committed to society.

Amusement parks


These types of locations simply do not stop going out of fashion. Bogota is possible to find two such parks, and Salitre Magico Mundo Aventura. The first is located between Calle 63 and 68, it has 16 children’s attractions, 16 family and high impact. Green areas, private parking. The second, located south of the city, is equipped with different attractions on three areas: Children’s World with mini safari, rio grande train ride from pirates and the crazy bus. youth, with attractions like the roller coaster, the hammer and the sky coaster world. familiar world, where you can enjoy the karts, bumper cars, crooked hut and several games of skill. This season is also a section dedicated to Rafael Pombo, where several characters from the fables of the Colombian author are part of the assembly of the park bringing morals, lessons and of course, fun.



On the outskirts of Bogotá, a fun resort is located for the whole family, here young and old enjoy the traditional attractions as (rodaderos, seesaw, swing) and mechanical for smaller attractions, a 10 minute walk to the mountains where you can find a restaurant lunch with a privileged view of the mountains.



If your kids like science, is a must place to visit, there will know the laws of physics through experimentation, also it has a dome cinema where you can enjoy movies you see with all your senses.

Panaca Sabana:


It is an unforgettable destination especially for over 2 years, there children can feed the animals, give small bottle Little Pigs, watch the show dogs and know the vegetation of the region.

Author: Valery Rojas @chanteler
Photography: Eduardo Patino, Carlos Alberto Correa Quiñones , Juan Carlos Pachon , Luis Villamil , Monica Ramos , @mundo_aventura , Juan Escobar , PAHO / WHO , JR Ferrer Paris

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